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It is All About Wig Making

I did some ventilation right this moment in the comfort AND WARMTH of our office/studio room. It’s far hotter in there than within the house right now (don’t even ask!). We are still getting snow. Brrrr.

100s 1g/s Straight Micro Loop Hair Extensions #99JSo I was taking a look at my wig block.. and that i keep transferring a small pin up the back of the top and aiming for it, but it is like moving the goalpost.. so I by no means fairly get there! Some time in the past, I set myself the problem of doing x amount of ventilation by a sure date. I am unable to even remember if I succeeded.

Anyway, on to my point. So I have decided that tomorrow I’m going to go in the studio and create a brand new sparkly marker with a coronary heart shaped pin (extra seen that method) and set myself a goal of wholesale weave atlanta ventilating to that pin by a sure date. I shall doc it on right here with some footage.. I wish to problem myself and inspire myself.. nobody else goes to!

I also assume it is admittedly vital to set your self targets with the wig making, in any other case it is straightforward to stop or to get slowed down and progress turns into really sluggish. I wish to get this completed so I can transfer onto the next project! I’ve plenty of wigs and hair items I finally need to make.

My second subject of the day is: chopping and styling..
As I’ve a sort of alopecia that results in partial hair loss, and I’m not currently shaving my head, I nonetheless must get my very own hair minimize/styled in order that when I’m across the home, I do not look an entire fright! I’ve a really nice stylist who does this for me; she runs her personal salon. I’ve been talking to her about my wig making and she has agreed to cut the wig for me when i end it. I believe it will be an excellent expertise for her and for me. If the wig does not fit me correctly, I will get her to chop it on the block, in any other case I’ll get it minimize on my head.

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