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The Shield is a police drama that is full of action and laborious hits. This show deals with corrupt cops stationed within the Los Angeles police division. The police run the fictional district identified as the Farm. Their police station was as soon as a church however is just not known because the Barn. The Strike crew is the group of detectives that run this space. Vic leads t shirt vert flash 11 the time although some of their good and not so good deeds.

The Strike Team is a unit designed to battle gangs in this part of the town. They do keep peace on the street though many of their strategies can be considered unethical and illegal. One the aspect the team is involved within the drug commerce and a few robberies to make money. Once in a while they might even must plant some medication and different proof to get gang members off of the streets.

Whereas operating the city members of this team are facing their very own private points. David who is aspiring to get t shirt vert flash 11 into politics has to deal with the pressures of sucking as much as the suitable individuals and being the victim of a sexual assault. Vic has a marriage that’s failing and needs to be one step above the identical legislation that he serves. Shane is a newlywed and his marriage is already in jeopardy based on the demands of the job. Curtis is consistently in fear of the group being caught doing their illegal activities. Jilien is having a constant struggle between the Biblical beliefs he was raised with and coming to terms with his own homosexuality.

Whereas the cops are dirty they do have some fumetto good t shirt vert flash 11 intentions. They want to be able to make the streets a safe place for all while making further cash on the side. This series has received many awards including the Golden Globe for Greatest Television Series and a primetime Emmy.