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The brand new Hair Type

Somewhat chill has hit the air and many naturals are already revamping their short hairstyles with a fringe hair regimens and trying to figure out what to do with their pure hair this winter. It is no secret that the winter months could be harsh on kinky hair so, figuring out your choices and what precautions should you’re taking this winter will ensure your natural hair won’t endure a setback.

Here are some ideas (ya’ll know I like a listing) on how to take care of a healthy hair regimen in the winter months:

Sealing: This is number one on my record and a very powerful precaution to me. Sealing in the moisture is so important in the Winter when the winds can strip away every ounce of moisture you thought you had. That is the time to make use of heavy oils and butters comparable to, shea butter, mango butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil. These oils can feel a bit heavy within the summer months but, are perfect for the colder weather. Moisturize your hair with a dependable leave-in conditioner and seal completely with an oil or butter.
Protective Styling: I’m not a giant fan of protecting kinds (mainly b/c I am style challenged) but, keeping your ends tucked and away from the winds, helps them retain moisture. Whereas some naturals can put on their out with no issues, many can not so pay attention to your hair and magnificence accordingly. Buns, wigs, twists, and updos are great hairstyles for the Winter months.
Humectants: It’s best to use glycerin, honey, and other humectants sparingly through the winter. With the air being dry their isn’t any water for the humectants to attract with can leave you with dry, brittle hair. So, in case you have products in your rotations that are high in humectants you might want to avoid wasting these products for the summer months.

These are the only issues I keep in thoughts in the course of the winter. I normally co-wash and wear buns or I would strive a set of twists but, since I dwell in the South (SC) our winters are very short so I do not have to deal with the cold air lengthy.

The best advice I can give is to listen to your hair, make sure that you’re moisturizing often and sealing in the moisture nicely. If you are used moisturizing your hair once every week (like me) then you might should up it to 2-3 instances every week and that’s okay.

Baby your hair and keep it protected from the dry air and harsh winds.

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Oh and when you’ve got a TWA, since most of you most likely can’t protecting fashion, try co-washing. This way your putting moisture to your curls on a regular basis and as a lot as possible to assist your hair handle to dry air.

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