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7 Things White Folks Don’t Perceive About Black Hair

Black hair in any state can be down proper fascinating. Whether or not it’s silky, straight and draping or kinky, coily and wild, or one thing in between, our hair has the flexibility to shape shift like no person else’s. No person has hair like ours. So it’s no surprise when people from other races have tons of questions on our hair and the way we take care of it. They’re honest questions and if asked in the spirit of genuine curiosity, I don’t mind educating somebody about black hair. Which is why I’m taking the day out to coach non-blacks about a topic that’s so near and expensive to our hearts and our minds: our hair.

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1- We don’t shaped natural hair need you to touch our hair as a result of we’re human beings not some type of specimen in a zoo

I don’t have any problem with folks touching my hair… in the event that they ask. As a stranger to walk up and contact someone’s hair… or anything on their individual for that matter is rude. I understand curiosity and I’m into texture so I wish to touch people’s hair too. But for the love of God ask first. Don’t let your curiosity get you cussed out. I do imagine Biebs asked to contact Esperanza’s hair in the photograph above however nonetheless black ladies felt somewhat twinge about it.

2- If my hair is cut in a pixie lower in the future and down my back the subsequent, it’s most likely some sort of extensions

This one at all times amazed me. I can’t inform you how many times I’ve had to say to someone “You know this isn’t my hair, proper ”. It’s humorous I can’t think of a time once i didn’t know about faux hair. Even my grandma had some items she’d slip in her head if she needed some extra physique that day. As much as mainstream celebrities depend on extensions and fake hair it’s superb that the final inhabitants will be so oblivious to their prevalence in on a regular basis life.

3- Our hair, because it grows out of our head, shouldn’t be unprofessional
Truthfully I hear this one perpetuated by whites and blacks equally. The notion that our hair, chemically unaltered, is unprofessional is solely ridiculous and discriminatory. It’s the equivalent of asking a darker complected particular person to put money into bleaching cream so he or she can match into the corporate world.

4- Sporting our hair natural is to not make some sort of rebellious statement
Who knows the place this notion got here from but carrying our hair unstraightened just isn’t indicative of being a member of a counterculture. It’s simply who I’m.

5- I don’t have to wash my hair everyday
I remember again in elementary faculty I stayed the night over one of my friends’ house. Before we went to mattress or once we bought up within the morning my girlfriend knowledgeable me that she wasn’t going to wash her hair that day and she didn’t need me to assume that she was soiled. I informed her I wash my hair once every week. And the look on her face was absolutely priceless. Afterward I needed to have the “black hair” dialog together with her. Black hair thrives on oils and washing our hair and having to replenish the oils again requires solely an excessive amount of time (and cash). So as soon as a week it is.

6- Oil is definitely good for our hair
Ooo there may be nothing worse than seeing someone’s hair being weighed down by oil. It’s gross. And while oil is a the arch nemesis of somebody with European hair, it’s truly our pal. Black hair thrives on oil. A lot in order that the exercise of oiling our scalps has turn out to be a romantic gesture.

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7- It could take some time for it to look right

Which is strictly I won’t be coming to that pool celebration. shaped natural hair Because after I spent 13 hours in the beauty shop and paid a small fortune on this do- if somebody throws me in the water somebody’s going to get cut.

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Please be aware that it’s all about love and training. Most black women don’t have a problem taking the time to elucidate our hair to you as long as you method us the correct method.

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