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Halfhearted Ideas For The Stylistically Challenged

I wanted a bob. One of those sleek, angular cuts that makes you look cute however just subtle enough for somebody to take you critically. Something like this:

(this was the photograph I gave the hairstylist)

As a substitute, she got a little too creative and i ended up with one thing more similar to:

Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, however you get the idea. My hair fell just under my cheekbones, barely lengthy enough to contact the corners of my mouth.

I used to be in tears on the way house. How would anyone even want to look at me with such a ridiculous haircut After a week of attempting to hide my head mess with an assortment of knit caps and unwell-fitting beanies, I was able to shave my hair off and start over. No less than I could put on wigs.

Then I noticed it on a mannequin at Macy’s. A beret! You already know, the ones classy French ladies used to wear over coiffed bobs paired with a silk scarf and striped boatneck. I knew I may very well be like rope curls hair them if I had a beret.

My beatnik grandpa’s outdated ones were too small. My mother didn’t have any with the little sprouty factor on high. (that was a must for the French individuals). By now my hair was a bit more bearable, reaching the tip of my cheeks and lengthy enough to curl.

I acquired one for Christmas that December. A flat, purple circle with a little sprouty factor on top. From that second on, I vowed to wear it all over the place. At college I used to be referred to as “that girl in the purple beret.” It wasn’t precisely the svelte image I had been going for, however it was a begin.

Come seventh grade, my hair grew out, and my beret grew to become a development of the previous. I nonetheless wore it sometimes, nevertheless it wasn’t a staple in my daily attire.

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