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Mixing your own henna is a part of the wear enjoyable!
At all times use henna from They ship every shipment to an impartial laboratory for certification of purity and lawsone content material. There won’t ever be any unlisted elements in henna from
To be on the safe facet I might recommend that you simply do your personal mix – it isn’t onerous, it’s enjoyable, it leaves a whole lot of room for experimentation and you recognize for sure what you put in your hair.

What shade will I get from henna
Pure henna will at all times flip your hair in the direction of crimson – with the exception of colorless or neutral henna that may solely condition with out changing your natural colour.

The ultimate colour you obtain will depend on a variety of issues:
1) Your beginning shade. Typically – the darker the starting color, the subtler the end result shall be. For a really tough guideline you might imagine in terms of:

– Grey -> fiery red (but solely with good quality henna)
– Blonde -> pink
– Mild brown -> pink to gentle auburn
– Medium brown -> auburn
– Darkish brown -> reddish brown, more pronounced within the solar
– Very dark brown to black -> no coloration change but red highlights within the sun

Henna may also never make your hair lighter – solely add pigment to your present colour. There isn’t a likelihood for you to be fiery crimson with henna in case your starting shade is a darkish brown.

2) Your combine. Pure henna will at all times present red, and only purple, pigment. There isn’t any such thing as black, golden or brown henna – however by adding different substances to the combination you’ll be able to push the coloration towards more purple, subtler purple, extra brown or extra golden. If your base is henna though, you may all the time have some level of pink in there – please do not assume you’ll be able to go pure blonde, or brown with henna – it’s merely not possible!

3) The henna powder used. Use Historical Sunrise henna, indigo and cassia from If you don’t get physique artwork high quality henna that has been examined by an impartial laboratory, you haven’t any guarantee of what is in the package deal aside from henna.

The freshness of the henna powder will affect the final colour you get. The fresher the powder, the higher the ultimate outcomes shall be. This is most essential for grey hair, as stale henna will push the color to a really unattractive orange hue on grey hair. Henna powder might be discovered at many well being meals shops, however it is usually stale and is not going to offer you a desirable end end result. The perfect henna is often purchased directly from a good importer or from one of many many individuals doing henna tattoos.

What’s wanted to combine my very own henna
For mixing you will want a bowl and a spoon/spatula, typically a pot if you might want to boil the liquid used to combine. These ought to ideally be made from plastic, wooden or glass as steel can react with the henna. Personally I’ve used stainless steel pots with no unusual reactions – so I would be keen to say these are fine as nicely – however if you wish to be on places to try on wigs the very protected facet you’ll need to avoid stainless steel too.

Any liquid you employ to mix the henna needs to be somewhat acidic – lemon/lime/orange/grapefruit/different citrus juices and vinegar are good examples of acidic liquids. Either use these straight or combine them with water or different impartial liquids in the event you assume they’re too robust to use on their very own. It is essential that the liquid is acidic, because the color in the henna leaves will launch better if blended with one thing acidic than with one thing impartial.

How a lot henna do I want to combine
This relies upon too much on how a lot hair you may have and how thick it is. One hundred grams of henna powder should be sufficient for about collarbone size hair of regular thickness. 200 grams enough for about shoulder blade to bra strap size hair of regular thickness.

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I tend to use considerably less than this as my hair is fine – for my hair that is presently about 2 inches from bra strap I take advantage of about a hundred and fifty grams when combined to an everyday henna paste. This is sufficient to cover it solely with very little left over. In case your hair may places to try on wigs be very thick you may want to use greater than what’s acknowledged above. I might counsel to combine somewhat greater than you suppose you may need the primary time, it isn’t enjoyable to discover halfway by way of that you are out of henna. You possibly can always freeze leftovers to make use of at a later date.

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