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Pixie braids are braids hairstyles with numerous of tiny title braids that cover probably the most part or the entire head. This braids hairstyle in generally worn by African-American or Black girls. The pixie braids include many threads of braiding hair that have an approximate width of 1 pencil. These pixie braids are usually 6 to 24 inches in size and the stylists singe the ends to maintain them from unraveling. Since the braids don’t harm the hair and are very versatile, the hair style is very popular among black ladies attempting to grow their actual or natural hair. Pixie braids can last between 1 and 3 months.

Best Hair to use for Pixie Braids
The smartest thing about pixie braids is you are able to do them fast and very cheaply. All you need is the long 99 cent packs of hair. In the event you prefer something that is extra silky, you can use yarn hair. The yarn might produce just a few knots after a month or so however they yarn hair do not tangle as unhealthy as other kind of braiding hair. We additionally advocate artificial hair weave like kanekalon!

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The way to Do the Pixie Braids

– Rat tail comb
– Hair moisturizer
– Vast tooth comb
– Extensions
– Boiling water (for end ends)
– Parting comb
– Artificial hair weave (ideally kanekalon)
– Lighter

Step-by-Step Pixie Braids Tutorials:
1. Begin by cleaning your hair. Shampoo & situation your hair earlier than braiding to scale back breakage. Dry the hair and then comb it using wide-tooth comb to eliminate tangles. Human Apply a leave-in conditioner all over your hair.

2. Subsequent, part the hair into three equally sized sections; upper, middle and lower. Take lower section of the hair and then subdivide it into 3 sections as effectively; proper, left & middle. Hold all of the sections of the top utilizing some duckbill clips.

3. Release one of many sections from lower portion of the hair. Take one small portion of this hair from newly’ released section and then separate into three equal parts; right, left and middle.

4. Cross proper piece of the hair over towards your left side, in order that it turns into your middle strand. Then cross your left-strand over towards proper so that it becomes the middle strand, due to this fact making the former middle-strand the appropriate-strand. Pull these strands tightly sufficient as you cross all of them to create the braid. Proceed with the process until this piece is fully braided.

5. Pick braided piece, roll-it up just like you would pin curl and then stop rolling as soon as you are about 2 inches away from the scalp. Use a flat iron to press the pin curls and release. Let hair unroll to unveil the pixie braid.

6. Repeat the third, 4th and 5th steps until your whole head is stuffed with braids. Spray your sheen all of your braids. You can also undergo different portfolios and pixie braids footage for more info on how you can this hair model. After you have completed this your braids at the moment are ready for styling. Read on to see the right way to style your pixie.

Pixie With Extensions How-To Video
Video Credit score: Diary of A Mad Pure

Pixie With out Extensions How-To Video
Video Credit: MummysGirl81

The right way to Model Pixie Braids
Pixie braids are a chick hairstyle in themselves that may completely transform your look. What makes them much more standard is that these braids provide the likelihood to fashion them in very many alternative ways. Under are some types.

Will need to have:
– A superb detangling moisturizer

1. The basic and best pixie braid hairstyle could be to simply take all the strands and then tie them up together like a ponytail. A sleek ponytail of many braids is kind of a fashionable assertion. This type is a favourite amongst ladies who don’t discover the time to style their hair each morning but nonetheless prefer a simple and trendy fashion.

2. It’s also possible to make a bun with the braids. This model is greatest for the working lady.
3. For a extra enjoyable look, let all of your braids fall unfastened.

4. Model your braids and provides them a curly, straight, wavy or even a wet look, depending upon your mood.

5. You may also online weave store go a step further and experiment along with your braids to present a extra complicated pattern. The braids can be woven into one another to make a thick braid.

6. Use beads and different embellished accessories to fashion your braids. You may even change the colours to match your outfit.

Video Credit: forevertrue06
Pixie Braids Footage


Many hairstylists have many pixie braids photos in many different types that can give you an idea of the kind of design you need. Just speak to your stylist and s/he will provide you with extra recommendations on how to type pixie braids.

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