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Death Of A brilliant Earth And The Jatites’ Attempted Coup

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Poems a flash fiction brief; an installment collection; fantasy comic strips or illustrations with free verse poetry; a remedy for a screenplay. Write your story from any perspective; for example, as characters inside the story-line; as a journalist, and so forth. Please feel free to use videos, newspaper headline visuals, or different artistic components. You may crew up with different Hubbers, or write this venture by yourself.

Platinum 7A 10-20 Inch Straight 7A Brazilian Virgin Hair 360 Lace Frontal Band 22*4*22. Your story or presentation should follow the Story Background outlined under in order to ascertain a standard denominator and a point through which to start the story. Be as detailed in your story-line/writing (which might lead into dozens of different directions), or as general as you wish.

3. Have enjoyable!
It is Earth 12 months 2025
A large ark kind spacecraft has landed off the east coast of the United States.

After the October 2018, launch of the James Webb’s House Telescope (JWST) part of NASA’s Flagship program, which has been gathering METI knowledge from planets in our solar system and out of our photo voltaic system.

Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) has not received answers from the unsolicited messages despatched to different worlds for a number of years, However the launch of the highly effective James Webb telescope, an enormous breakthrough in understanding the Universe and our origins, could change all that.

Added to that the invention of Jate22 (i.e. a super Earth) an exoplanet (a planet exterior our solar system which orbits a star somewhat than the sun) is such a breakthrough.

The CO2 emissions on the super earth Jate22 have reached important mass, marine life might no longer live within the acidic waters and all bipedal humanoids should evacuate or face extinction, as their food sources have develop into scarce to the point of no return and the Jatite should discover and occupy one other planet so their species can survive.

The Seek for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), also known as Messaging to Further-Terrestrial intelligence (METI) has been sending messages to different worlds for several years. Scientists from across the globe are excited over the launch of the powerful James Webb telescope, an unlimited leap ahead in our quest to know the Universe and our origins.

With no lesson learned, here is what we acquired
Reinstalled President Trump on the White House throne

As the Limo rolled away with the
And with his hand on her thigh

You could hear Trump say
“Nobody, respects ladies more than me

Trump Says He Cannot Say He Treats Ladies with Respect
A lecher chances are you’ll detest
However, as lechers go he was top-of-the-line

He went where no other mad man dared go
He would seize what he might and still attain for more

He grabbed for her crotch, his face turned crimson
As his eyes glazed over as he mentioned

“Yes!” telepathically she/he said

For year and years we studied you
And through the James Webb, Area Telescope

We know that you studied us too
And what you did to your women I will now do to you

The Jate beauty grabbed the small handful and holding on tight
Asked him telepathically,

Do you want to have interaction or take flight
The President screamed for assist

Like in a nightmare no sound came out
The first lady entered the White Home

Intercepted by the key service
Who said “my President wants his privacy”

His privateness Melania snapped
I’ll be quiet as a mouse….

Melania silently opened the door
Then with a silent gasp

As a sardonic smile crept throughout her face
Lastly someone has put him in his place

The Jate22 Ark crew came ashore to perform the coup
Civilian Hillary Clinton knew simply what to do

As she had them rounded up, the Jate ark’s motley crew
Then had them imprisoned in their very own ark

And sunk it in the ocean of blue
The problem by Genna Eastman

“The Encounter” .. A Writing Problem
A takeoff from Ruby’s (always exploring) fantastic hub

The Return Of The Jatites From The ” Super Earth ” Planet : With a Little bit of Satire Included.
This can be a enjoyable response from a writing challenge, ” The Encounter ” By Genna East
Mike’s (mckbirdbks) magnificent Hub

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John Hanson’s (Jodah) superb hub

Contact With the Jatites – The approaching of the Ark
A poetic response to the science fiction writing problem “The Encounter” nail by Genna East.
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sendingAuthorShyron E Shenko 13 months in the past from Texas

Thank you Shauna for the touching touche.
Shauna L Bowling 13 months ago from Central Florida

Touche, Shyron!
Au fait, thank you for the comments.

I hope you heard the information immediately such a shake up in Washington
The strings of the puppeteer are reaching far and vast

exposing many a secret and plenty of more lies
How for much longer before trustworthy men step up

to chop these lies that bind them to those who lied
Hope all is properly with you

Chipper is full of love, John and that i are drained.
John, thanks for the compliment and comment, pleased I made you smile

Blessings always
John Hansen 14 months in the past from Queensland Australia

Glad you took up Genn’s problem, Shyron. This actually made me smile. Well done.
C E Clark 14 months in the past from North Texas

Fascinating. Generally it seems it is Trump (really Bannon, he’s the brain in the works) orchestrating a coup. Perhaps they’re the aliens! In my analysis about whether or not aliens have been watching us for a hub I wrote a while back several high rating U.S. officials stated aliens from different worlds were already here. Perhaps that is why Trump/Bannon and Co. have got down to destroy our government, as a result of they’re aliens taking over this planet . . .

Hope you and John and puppy are all properly.
Chris, I am so pleased you discovered this hilarious.. I would be happier in case you took up the challenge and proceed from the day after the encounter by the Captain and the Donald, she/he was with the don and not on the Ark when it sunk, so she remains to be free within the White House or at the least in the U.S. and you are such a good writer.

Blessings my pal.
Chris Mills 14 months ago from Missoula, Montana not less than until August 2018

Hillarious, Shyron. She/He..just what he deserves. I’m glad to see the challenge is still generating interest.

Nell, thank you for the comment, I am so glad you love this.
Nell Rose 14 months in the past from England

LOL! love it! aliens versus Trump! this is a superb problem, and I really like this one!
Maria, my expensive sweet buddy, thank you for the remark, I do recognize you.

Blessings and hugs my expensive friend
Maria Jordan 14 months in the past from Jeffersonville PA

I’m additionally late to visit, dear Shyron. On the upside, I do benefit from the interactive feedback a lot as effectively.

You tackled this challenge stretching yourself, while maintaining true to your muse’s poetic voice. Excellent job! Love and joan rivers wig hugs, Maria

Genna, thanks so much for the remark and praise. No have to be sorry, however I am glad you learn my answer to your fantastic problem.

Blame this on Ruby, she gave me the thought. I saw Milania’s with a sweet smile at the inauguration, then trump whispered in her ear and her candy smile turned sardonic.

I am so appreciative of this challenge and that you simply approve.
Blessings my buddy

Missy, Missy, my new pal
I am so completely happy this made you grin

We should maintain our humor
Or face a bitter end

Thanks so much for the remark my friend
Genna East 14 months ago from Massachusetts, USA

Hello there. I’m so sorry I am late but it has been a jungle of per week. Lol. This is so imaginative and clever. I love how you resumed where Ruby left off. And that sardonic smile on Melania’s face at the tip is perfect! Wonderful job, Shyron..thanks. 🙂

Missy Smith 14 months ago from Florida
Hahahaaa.. I completely liked this! At first, it nearly depressed me with a reality and exhausting actuality of our bad luck right now, however by the end I was laughing my you recognize what off.

I often say – if this man wasn’t such a disgrace and travesty for us, it can be enjoyable to wake up simply to snort at his full and complete lack of intelligence. Nevertheless, considering his inadequacies may doom us all, we can’t snigger. Nicely, we will when somebody writes such a humorous poem like you’ve got right here. We deserve a snicker, don’t we Thanks for this! 🙂

Flourish, thank you for the remark. I actually recognize you. I believe joan rivers wig you’re so proper about Melania, however she bought what she thought she needed and like us she is caught with it, however not like most of us we didn’t ask for it.

Blessings and hugs my good friend.
Thanks Larry for the praise/comment, I do recognize you.

Mike, thank you for the compliment and remark. I hope we do not get pence both cause he’s just a hair smarter than trump. I am praying for a recall.

Blessings at all times, Keep the religion, I’m attempting to.
Thank you Invoice for the generous praise and remark.

Blessings always my buddy.
AuthorShyron E Shenko 14 months ago from Texas

Ruby, Ruby my expensive pal,
You’ve me laughing yet again

That is from the story you began
And thought about if trump should find himself the victim

Instead of the aggressor
What would he do

Engage or run for his life

Love your poem you are fantastic.
Blessings and hugs

FlourishAnyway 14 months in the past from USA
Small handful indeed. Anybody who has to brag so much about their man package feels insecure about its contents and operate. And I like the ending. He will hopefully end up sinking himself. I believe Melania secretly ( ) hates him and won’t go to D.C. because she is aware of he’s a nasty hombre who did bad issues with the Russians and will get caught. Why uproot oneself and one’s child for that Very artistic response to the challenge.

Larry Rankin 14 months in the past from Oklahoma
Very imaginative!

mckbirdbks 14 months ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas
Howdy Shy – You have got supplied an exquisite submission to Genna’s challenge. You combine wit and anger and a Science-Fiction element as properly.

We do not get Pence (I hope) as they are in possession of stolen items. It is a recall we’re in search of, not a resignation. Just like the Supreme Court docket seat, you don’t get to maintain stolen items.

Ruby Jean Richert 14 months in the past from Southern Illinois
OMG, I’m lol. Grabbed his small handful. Hee. He/ She, he probably did not care. Hillary saved us from a horrible demise. He dared to go where no man had gone before. HaHa Superman he is not. That is witty and funny.

2018 you say
I assume we are able to hold on until that wonderful day

When he’s kicked out of our White Home
And Pence takes over

We’ll be rollin’ in candy smellin’ clover
Cos’ the law has been changed by the folks

Obama will return, people shouting from the highest steeple
” Yes we can “

Our nation is well and safe again
Immigrants are welcome, as soon as more our pals

Hillary will be the VP
And we Democrats can yell Hee Hee.

Invoice Holland 14 months in the past from Olympia, WA
Genna needed creativity and also you delivered big time..creativity and an potential to span two genres and make them each work, to come together, into a cohesive and attention-grabbing response to that challenge. Bravo for this one, my pal, and blessings at all times.

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