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The Pixie Revolution

Mrs Mac to get a buzzed undercut with a fade
Welcome Again To The Pixie Revolution,

Mrs Mac has told me she will replace this blog thursday night together with her idea’s jennifer aniston hair brand and thoughts
Which is the evening before her haircut. But before she does that I wanted to chime in and post something
I’ve noticed here and there among the buzzed undercuts are now sporting a fade to them.
Mrs Mac first observed this in Pink’s music video for “Give Me Only a Reason”
I myself seen Miley Cyrus had one earlier than she lopped her hair off to that extremely short pixie she had.
Miley is one other story all collectively. Her ultra quick Annie Lennox crop has grown out right into a faux hawk an was truly trying actually good, after which as of final week, she posted pics on twitter of it dyed bluish and then a black and white pic with what appears to be darkish hair slicked down and grown out to a Emma Watson pixie. ( in my opinon I think Miley is through with short hair and is on the grow out)

But again to the fade. Mrs Mac seen it and mentioned she preferred it. I myself prefer it as effectively for some purpose.
I like the truth that it could be a #2 or #3 on the higher sides after which be a #2 or #1 nearer to the ears and into the nape.It also provides the undercut area a cool wanting V form inside the longer buzzed hair.
Comparing this fade with an all over #2 undercut, I’ve realized the fade provides a subtleness and softness to the undercut. Ive by no means realized it till I saw an undercut fade back to again with a all one size buzzed undercut however an all one length buzzed undercut can appear somewhat harsh in some cases.
Dont get me improper I love a very good #2 buzzing all the way around on an undercut. It’s putting wanting, however I actually respect the look of a faded undercut.
When the lengthy prime hair is worn up, the uncovered fade add’s somewhat something to the haircut,
I’ve unfortunatley havent seen what a faded undercut seems like when the long hair from atop the head is worn down how so many together with Mrs Mac is sporting it today.
I’m wondering if the longer wispy hair coming over the buzzed area on the sides, mixeed with a faded buzz might look confusing and inconsistant. On the other end of it although I wonder if lengthy hair laying over the faded undercut gives it a more blended look.

I’ve done my greatest to give you all examples on this posting with pics and the Pink video.
Mrs Mac is contemplating getting this to tweak her type, but doesnt think it is worth doing seeing her undercut is brown and Pink’s is blonde which she feels accenuate’s the contrast of the fade.
Mrs Mac think’s 1.) it would grow in too quick to even be value doing 2.) It wont present with her brown undercut.

So here’s where your opinon counts.
Let us know what you think
Is a fade added even worth doing
Would it even be that noticable
Is Mrs Mac right that the undercut would need to be bleached blonde as well

Give us your feed again and search for Mrs Mac to handle this and rather more Thursday night time.
Till then.

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