how to curl hair naturally, how do you get static out of hair

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You may Put Few Streaks Too

White hair, can be coloured either by a hairdresser or by shopping for the product solution from a supermarket that sells hair dyes and applying yourself.

This is the only answer for natural hair.
10-20 Inch Virgin Brazlian Hair Body Wavy 4*4 how to curl hair naturally Three Part Lace Top ClosureWell, you could have three choices, you can either dye it to your authentic hair color, pull them out with tweezers (if you happen to dont have too many) or you’ll be able to just leave it.

Die it!!
If you’re an indian i might suggest ” Burgundy colour” for your hair.

You can put few streaks too, it is now in style.
you possibly can apply mehandhi on your hair twice a month and apply oil commonly

I think you have to consult doctor to find out why your hairs have change into white so fast what i counsel his apply mehandi twice in a month it will slowly change to black

elderly mention to me before that too much medicine will make ur hair turn white cut back or avoid taking drugs until you might be very very sick, if not, let your physique get well by yourself.

since now it had come out, fastest approach is to dye it..
eat more black sesame paste, it can assist cut back hair from turning white so easily..

i additionally heard from my mum that when u shampoo your hair, add salt to shampoo too..(shampoo with salt) it would help slow down the hair from turning white.. she is using it and i believe this methodology works for her..

WHITE HAIRS!!!!!!Hope i can provide you with an answer.. One among the principle causes for this drawback is worrying.. the opposite is if the desired protein how to curl hair naturally for black hair is defitient.. So the solution is to eat gooseberries and in addition if your physique is heat u will get white hair. So keep your body cool..

Shampoo %26amp; Oil your hair day by day and take Vitamin-A supplementary!
Pls attempt ths laborious. As you recognize nothing comes easily!

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