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11 Tips For Curling Skinny Hair With out Damaging It

When you’ve got skinny hair, then you understand what a battle it may be to get curls to stay around. No sooner do you put down the styling instruments, and those suckers fall right out. However perhaps extra annoying is that it feels unattainable to curl skinny hair without damaging it.

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For skinny-haired ladies who simply want some gosh darn volume, it generally is a frustrating process. However the good news is that every one hair could be safely curled (and stay curled) — if you understand what to do. “No matter the thickness or texture .. all hair will be curled; however making those curls final is the tough part,” says Ilias Zarbalis, Master Stylist and Owner of Ilias Zarbalis New York City Salon, in an interview with Bustle. “When you have skinny hair, strands are weaker and extra delicate by nature, making them slippery.” (This is the reason curls only grace you with their presence for an hour or two.)

But, as I mentioned, getting curls to stick is only have the battle. The other difficulty is that huge potential for injury. “Skinny hair is generally sensitive and easily damaged,” Zarbalis explains. “Heat tools drain the moisture in your hair, which thin hair already has a difficult time absorbing.” Cue all kinds of fried, broken, frayed locks.

To get curls, while additionally protecting hair, you’re going to have to place in a bit of work. Under are some suggestions for avoiding fried hair, getting curls to remain, and creating some lovely quantity — no damage mandatory.

1. Let Your Hair Get A Bit Soiled
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Earlier than you even suppose about curling your hair, be sure it’s not less than kind of dirty. “Try skipping a hair wash and prepping hair with a volumizing mousse to maintain your locks in place,” Zarbalis says. The additional volume from day-outdated hair, blended with the mouse, will give curls one thing to carry onto.

2. Make sure that Your Hair Is Dry
In the event you completely need to scrub your hair, that is totally Ok. Just make certain it’s one hundred % dry earlier than utilizing any scorching instruments. Curling even slightly damp hair could be extremely damaging, in line with celeb stylist Ted Gibson in an interview with Mara Del Russo on (If you’ve got ever heard that scorching sound whereas utilizing a curling iron, then you understand precisely what to keep away from.)

3. Inventory Up On Merchandise
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The more products you need to use to assist protect your hair, the better. “I counsel utilizing a heat protectant spray or serum even earlier than blow drying, and ensure you’re using gentle, sulfate-free products within the shower,” Zarbalis says. When combined, they should assist keep your hair secure.

4. Use A Lower Heat Setting
Whatever you do, don’t go for a curling iron temp that can cook your hair. (Or worse, burn it off.) “A temperature of about 350 levels is greater than lots,” Del Russo said.

5. Curl For Less than 7 Seconds
Stopping damage is all about moving rapidly, so don’t let sizzling instruments linger in your hair. “Gibson suggests heating the hair for less than three to seven seconds, relying in your hair texture,” Del Russo mentioned. “Any extra will fry your locks.”

6. Enable Curls Time To Set
As soon as you are finished, gently pin each curl to your head. “Give each coil a blast of robust hold hairspray and let it sit till it is cooled utterly whereas you work on the remainder of your hair,” said Christa Joanna Lee on Teen Vogue. Doing so not solely helps the curl to set, however it’s a manner of helping them stick that requires less heat.

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7. Go The Old style Route

If hair tool you are still giving styling instruments the facet-eye, don’t be concerned — there are many heat-free methods to curl your hair. “To keep away from injury altogether, the old style foam rollers are the strategy to go,” Zarbalis says. “Keep rollers in overnight and brush out in the morning for a more natural, blown-out look.”

8. Try out A Braid
Sleeping in braids is one other approach to get some no-heat curls. straight Simply apply leave-in conditioner to damp hair, and make several small braids, according to an article on Within the morning, you will have lovely waves that may final all day.

9. Deliver Again hair tool The Scrunch
For this trick, neglect what I mentioned about not showering. Hop on in, do your factor — but do not even think about blow drying your hair afterward. Instead, let it air dry as you finger comb, scrunch, and apply a curl spray, according to Keep scrunching until you are pleased with the level of curls, and then let it air dry the rest of the best way.

10. Use Your Fingers
As far as avoiding damage goes, you cannot get much safer (or simpler) than merely twisting hair round you fingers. To do it, begin off by spraying your hair with gel and then wrapping small sections round your fingers. Follow up by securing each twist with a pin, in accordance with Heather CiChowski on Finish with a ton of hairspray, and your curls should be good to go.

11. Get Your self Some Headband Curls
Check out this tip for curling hair utilizing a headband, as proven by Carly Cristman on Youtube. This method won’t create any creases in your hair, or any harm since it doesn’t use heat. All you have to do is sleep with your hair twisted up in a band, and you will have lovely curls by morning.

Yes, curling skinny hair without damaging it can be tough. But it isn’t impossible. Simply comply with a few of these tips above, and you will have yourself some wholesome curls very quickly.

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