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This is barely EB2- India Priority dates from prior visa bulletins. Just FYI – no guesses no assumptions.

Jan-05 C
Apr-08 1-Dec-03
Might-08 1-Jan-04
What’s the deal right here I think this info is posted a number of times. Any reason to post it again Just trying to find reason.

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Not sure..but here is a related hyperlink. id=251739

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Ever since they made I-131 online, its at all times been a mess. The type often shows an expired date, and there are lot of glitches applying online. I was hoping USCIS would have improved their system by not since its been online for more than a yr now. However I guess just like the backlogged applications all the pieces moves slow in USCIS.
I grey tips hair prefer to do the paper filing.

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I filed for AOS in Aug 07, my attorney advised me that we could combine the checks payable to USCIS for family members (EG: in place of one check for my 485 and one more for my wife we could combine both the checks for 485 and issue a single examine for twice the amount). Based mostly on the above, i issued 1 test for 485, 1 for EAD, 1 for FP and 1 for AP.

Now my checks have been cashed and i am able to see the receipt number on the back of the cashed examine. I see two receipt numbers on the back of the checks for EAD and AP however i see only 1 receipt number on the back of the examine for 485 (and the identical number on the back of the examine for FP)

Did any body else additionally send mixed checks Did you get a single receipt number or multiple numbers

My EAD cheques got encashed today. I had sent a single cheque for myself and my wife. I do discover two LIN numbers on the back of the cheque. But when i seek for those numbers on USCIS website its says number Do not exist in the system. Has anyone faced comparable challenge

03-05 06:47 PM

Agree with hpandey
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I used AP to enter US in June this yr.The IO stamp on my I94 and the AP document says ‘Paroled unitl Sept 2009’. Should i consider the validity of AP until this date

However on the actual AP documents below the Parole paragraph mentions the next: ‘The bearereeparted the United States briefly and intends to return to the US to resume processing of the adjustment of status utility.Presentation of the original of this document prior to Sept 27 2008 allows a Customs and Border Protection Inspector at a port-of-entry to parole the names bearer……’

Can you please let me know, what is the validity of the AP incase one is already out of country and is planning to return to US Would the date on I94 be considered

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Because the queue for EB3 India could be very long, and if many EB3 India people change over to EB2, that can decelerate EB2 India and this is what the Could 2011 Visa Bulletin additionally says.
But shouldnt this make EB3 India go faster
Then why do we see slow movement in EB3 India

EB3 is at present in mid 2002. All EB3 filers till 2003 and may be early 2004 have waited enough and don’t need to port presently. until mid 2003, most of them acquired the GC throughout 2007 From my perspective, I do not even care if it ever comes. Couple of extra years on EAD and I’m set to return. Having mentioned that, I’ll nonetheless take the gc anytime it comes and if comes:). Simply not after it.

EB3 to EB2 porting is extra performed by filers from 2004 via’ 2007 and for a very good motive too. ( they won’t get in a decade in the event that they keep in EB3 unless recapture or different payments goes thru’).

So to answer the query, porting won’t grey tips hair easy the traffic until the date moves to end of 2003, then you can see some improvement as some of the original EB3’s have made a sensible choice and probably weree residents by then.

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Can we find out the status of namecheck from USCIS or from any FBI website during retrogresssion. I applied 485 an year in the past. Can i find out if atleast the name examine is cleared although my PD is not current.

They often initiate the title check process shortly after filing I-485.
Since yours was filed a year ago, then of course it can be very attention-grabbing to know your standing regarding the damn name check, retrogression or not.
However, this info is just not all the time easy to get. You may try a number of ways: call Customer support, make Infopass appointment..In the final word case, you will have to ask your Congressman to inquire for you..
I personaly e-mailed USCIS California Center ([email protected]). What’s really weird is that the first two times they responded within every week but the third time, after i “naively” requested if they may expedite that identify verify, the reply was an automated message:
“we no longer reply to e-mails, for all inquiries call Customer service bla bla bla..”!!!
I suppose I was just lucky the first times! The third time perhaps they only bought fed up with my “stupid” questions !!:confused:

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I have acquired extension on my H1 after completing 6 years.
My wife has been on H4 till now.
Is she eligible to get a brand new H1

Yes, as per the brand new pointers time spent on H4 doesn’t depend in the direction of H1.
to turn back the -year-previous

04-29 12:00 AM
Thanks in your continuous support.

Who says that we is not going to achieve removing the current retrogression.
Who says that IV can’t achieve anything.

Once you do some factor from the heart you can’t go wrong. IV members are contributing second, third, fourth and some even fifth time. This exhibits the arrogance level. Keep it up. You all have made us proud immigrants.

Because of all those who have contributed.
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04-21 04:26 PM
Someone advised me recently, if ur on EAD and 485 gets rejected, ur H1 could be reinstated. This H1 is not going to be from the cap and you’ll solely be getting the left over time from 6 yrs.

Is it true, if yes, can someone thow some mild on this.
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My company has filed an AOS software on July 02 2007 using an accredited EB3 I-140 (PD = Sep 2001). Then in Dec 2007, they’ve filed a EB2 I-140 using an authorized EB2 PERM to transform the pending AOS apllication to EB2, hoping to port the precedence date of pending AOS utility to EB2 Sep 2001. EB2 precedence dates were retrogressed after the EB2 I-140 was filed.

I’m pondering of switching the job now. I don’t expect USCIS to course of the EB-2 I-140 for subsequent 6 months or so. Is it protected to modify jobs in this case I’ve portability proper now, since 180 days have handed after the AOS application was filed with EB3 I-140. Does the EB2 I-140 adversely have an effect on the AC21 after I join the new employer. What will happen to my pending AOS utility, when USCIS processes the EB2 I-140 from my authentic employer, earlier than or after I’ve used AC21 from the brand new employer.

Recognize your feedbacks on this.
Man you are in such an excellent place . I feel with an accepted I-140 in EB3 for Sep 2001 PD your GC shouldn’t be far away . Do not mess round with it by altering it to EB2 or issues like that. It’d get sophisticated . I’d say have persistence for a few months . When you get your GC you are free.

Utilizing AC21 is just not a nasty concept for these whose GC is a distant dream but for you I feel the purpose is inside sight.

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09-18 11:Sixteen AM

My AP was permitted final week (Monday) nonetheless to get in mail.
Looks as if AP takes an extended route to the mail field in USCIS.. Mine is at NSC and my expertise is that every part out of there is slower..

Anyways I am greatful that they accredited it and its in mail ( fingers crossed )
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10-17 02:30 PM
What is yr name if I may ask

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09-07 06:17 PM

Seems like you are safe, however, I might ask an attorney just simply just in case. Definitely worth the $150.
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04-01 10:05 AM
Hello all
Thanks in your ideas.

First thing ,i ought to get visa dates then get my flight booked accordingly.I know both things are tough to get synchronized thats why i’m attempting to assemble all particulars ahead.

Lockers is a great idea ,i dinnt know about it.
Because of all the distances from delhi to native places and time shortage i have to do this.

So taking taxi from Delhi , i am fairly scared as i heard dangerous experiences. My couple good friend got their certificates stripped of in delhi while they were going for visa.

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Just food for thought. At the moment there are 28600 EB1 visas. Most in the EB1 class are current or pretty close to it.

As a matter of fact, EB-1 annual limit = 28.6% of 140K = 40,040 and it has been present for a while.

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02-16 03:59 PM

If each state in India had been a country
There would have been no backlog.

Disagree. Andhra Pradesh would nonetheless have a long backlog.
04-09 12:05 PM

Can someone please confirm if “Card Production Ordered” e mail from USCIS mean my 485 is approved and I have gotten GC
I have only acquired this “Card Production Ordered” e-mail and never an email specifically saying “485 accepted”. How lengthy does it take after “Card Production Ordered” e mail to get actual card.

Additionally if Could bulletin is Unavailable it nonetheless implies that GC;s issued in case your date is present in April are legitimate My e mail came yesterday same day as the new May bulletin

You might be one of the oldest member. Glad you finally made it earlier than EB3 grew to become unavailable.

02-08 09:Fifty three AM
Virgin Indian Hair Kinky Straight Hair Extensions 10-30 inch Natural Black 100gWhat’s the motivation for Microsft/Intel to lobby for H1 quota enhance if they will use L1 Is L1B quota additionally getting used

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