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The best way to Braid Hair (your individual)

Keep crossing alternating outer sections over the middle part till you are done.
The fundamental thought of braiding:

    Begin with three sections
    Cross the left part over the middle section (so it goes between the center part and the best part).
    Cross the precise part over what’s at the moment the middle section (so it goes between the center part and the left part).
    Cross the left section over what is at present the center part (so it goes between the middle part and the suitable part).
    Cross the proper part over what is at present the center section (so it goes between the middle section and the left part).
    Repeat till you are completed.

If you’re not used to braiding in any respect, it is perhaps good apply to take three ribbons of different colors, tie them all together at one golden ginger hair end, and practice braiding that until you get the concept.

The trick with hair is preserving the sections separate from one another, and maintaining a good, downward tension on each of the sections so that the braid hangs nice and straight and even behind your head.

Another trick is to angle two mirrors going through one another, positioning them in order that you’ll be able to see the again of your head by trying on the reflection of its reflection in the 2 mirrors.

Do not get discouraged if it’s tricky at first- just keep practising, and shortly it will likely be tremendous simple. Good luck!

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