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Better Than We Deserve

It is a public toilet. I dreaded these squatters so badly…I don’t know how those little get up and go hairstyles Japanese ladies in there excessive heels and tights and miniskirts even handle these things. If you happen to were lucky, there was a bar to cling on to as you squatted..however that makes wiping..well, nevermind.
Funny thing, though, the common toilets were DECKED out with heated seat, bidet squirters of nice warm water, and even musical flushing sounds so nobody can hear you tinkle. I beloved those toilets, man, Simply cherished them!

Mr. Sammy took this image at a quiet park simply throughout the road from the Olympic Enviornment. The colours were so great, I was amazed! We packed heavy coats, but really did not want them. This was such a pleasant place, I wished to share it. The parks are all so serene- an enormous distinction to the squished buildings and neon indicators.
That is the Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan, where the resort is located. Turns out my husband had been working round this area on his mission, however did not realize it as a result of the world had modified a lot prior to now 20 years. The steel art was in the courtyard outside the mall, which linked to the resort you see behind it. Yep-it is 70 stories high, and sitting in the window was enough to make you dizzy and your palms sweaty, nevertheless it was gorgeous.
Not an uncommon factor, my child in an image with complete strangers..however the youngsters were particularly fascinated with his looks and hair. I love this picture due to the youngsters in uniform and all of the peace indicators. You higher throw a peace signal in case your in a photo in Japan!
This little barber shop behind me may be very special..above it is the apartment my hubby lived in for 7 months while serving his mission in Hachioji. The town was wonderful- with an ideal street of sidewalk sales and quaint shops (properly, some not so quaint, as the distributors yell out unusual issues to attempt to get you to come shop)and we toured the small LDS meeting house and visited with missionaries who occurred to be there, and met up with an area member who was a pal throughout the mission. I’ve by no means seen my hubby giddy over something..but he was giddy today. I also call this my “take a picture it can final longer” day, as a result of I left my hair curly, and I used to be stared at, double takes, and watched all day. Bizarre. I felt like Angelina or one thing.
This was taken at a shrine that had a flame burning (in the metal wing) that has been linked to the flames of Hiroshima. Around it were strings of various origami, and a history board was posted close by. It was type of a somber feeling right here, however my son was fascinated with the story and ended up actually loving this site.

I realized I’ve barely made a dent in my favorite of favorite pictures….so, oh well, more later to come… I hope there is something right here of interest or magnificence.

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