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I installed my 7th set of crochet braids earlier this month at 5 weeks publish relaxer. I believe that is my favorite set up up to now!!!”

10-20 Inch Virgin Brazlian Hair Straight 4*4 Three Part Lace Top ClosureI opted for braiding my hair with 12 braids going backwards and one horizontal braid on the nape. I did not use any extension hair at the nape as flat oily hair for some motive my hands were not doing what my head was telling them to do. My nape is now longer and stronger than it was after i tried crochet braids for the first time final year, so I think it is going to be positive.

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Wednesday, 1 Might 2013

Henna Gloss Treatment @ 5 Weeks Submit: 28.04.13
“I think after no less than two years of henna remedies I’ve reached the holy grail of henna gloss mixtures for my hair and in addition discovered a rinsing process which works for me!”

­1 x 100g box of henna powder ­
2 x massive tablespoons of amla powder
­1 x tablespoon of EVOO ­
2 x tablespoons of EVCO (melted into the EVOO)
­1 x mug of heat strong black tea (made with 2 x luggage and steeped for 30mins+) ­
2 x teaspoons of honey (melted in the warm tea) ­
Coconut milk solids from a 400ml can (approx. 3 x heaped tablespoons) ­
1 x tablespoon of coconut milk water (from the identical 400ml can)
1 x tabledpoon of AVJ

I am really loving this mixture! A very long time ago I used to coat my hair in oil earlier than applying the henna gloss. These days there isn’t any want as I add all the oil I need to counteract the drying effect of henna and amla, instantly into the mixture.

Not only is it easy to make but it’s additionally 100% pure which has gotta be an excellent factor!!! Also, as I don’t notably care for the scent of henna this mixture, with out the addition of a retailer introduced conditioner, doesn’t hassle me half as much. I also assume the addition of coconut milk solids really soften and virtually straighten my new growth so it’s a win win!

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