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5 Country Songs A few Wild Girl

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5 Nation Songs About a Wild Woman
Updated on April 25, 2018 Barbara Tremblay Cipak moreBarbara has spent over forty years writing poems, lyrics, and sayings for playing cards, and deciphering the meanings and messages in tune.

Oh No! That Lady has Gone Wild – Hide Your Husbands, Your Keys, and Your Favourite Pair of Heels..Or just Join Her!
So she’s a wild little one is she .. and you’re attempting to find a music to tell the world just how crazy she is! You’ve come to the precise place Ombre. Because after in depth analysis using the best tools identified to man..a laptop and a bottle of tequila..science has determined that these 10 Wild Girl Country Songs have been written only for her!

You are in the suitable place if she’s a brat, she says what she thinks, her filter never works, she dances anyplace including the roof of trucks, she events too exhausting, you often have to bail her out of some kind of bother, she finally dumped that no-good-for-nothing feller in first class nation fashion or she’s just oblivious to her personal badness and no one has the heart to tell her that ‘she’s simply plain wicked’.

1. The Lady’s Gone Wild by Travis Tritt
You will Discover ‘Girl’s Gone Wild’ on Travis Tritt’s album ‘Honky Tonk Historical past’ – This was his ninth album on the time and was released in 2004.

It peaked at quantity seven on the highest country billboard chart and number fifty on the US billboard 100.

The album features twelve terrific songs including, ‘What Say You’ featuring John Mellencamp, and ‘I See Me’.

Getting outrageous, this woman is heading for a truckload of social gathering trouble..and she’s using Daddy’s credit card..Momma’s not too blissful about that! And do ya know what she used that credit score for, a Tattoo ..oh no, it’s not good for momma and daddy because that was only the beginning of the occasion. Wine coolers, flip flops, bikini tops and minimize-offs.this would possibly not end well..but these ladies could care less; it is time to ‘wind it up and let it rip’.

If your wild lady events too laborious leaving a path of destruction, then this Travis Tritt wild girl tune was meant for her..Look on the vibrant side, by the point she’s a grandma, she’s gonna have quite a lot of stories to tell her grand babies.

2. Downtown by Lady Antebellum
Did you know that the Writers of ‘Downtown’ Initially Planned for Miranda Lambert to Sing this Song
Music writers are Luke Laird, Shane McAnally and Natalie Hemby. ‘Downtown’ was launched in January 2013 as a single from their Album, ‘Golden’.

It debuted at position 25 on the Billboard Scorching Country Chart making it their highest debuting single as of that date. It made it to #1 on Canada’s Country Billboard and quantity 2 on the USA Country Chart; it positioned at quantity within the US for Country Airplay.

The video begins with the band trying to determine what they want to do for the evening, and Hillary Scott (Band Member) asks if she will be able to go Downtown with them and so they rapidly let her know that she’s a bit of goodie-two-footwear who does not know how one can have a superb time; most likely not a sensible thing to say! Subsequent scene, Hillary calls Beth Behrs (from 2 Broke Ladies) and asks her if she needs to go out, letting her know that she not solely needs to get together, but is aiming to be bad enough to get arrested!

Be certain to observe right to the tip of the video – The band members play the police officers that Hillary and Beth taunt, and your entire ‘getting arrested scene’ is hilarious!Photograph:

Word to children..do not do this in actual life 🙂 – it is solely O.Ok. in a music video!
3. Cop Automobile by Keith City
He falls in love along with her while he watches her go wild-baby after they put the cuffs on her.
Fuse by Keith City was launched on Might 14, 2013. It accommodates 12 fabulous tracks including this ‘hot tune’ Cop Automobile.

It’s the story behind this tune that makes it drop dead sexy to listen to. How many people girls have wanted to let our inner-wild-little one out in a ‘strain cooker second’ I will take a wild-guess and say it is most of us!

This video allows you to imagine a hot night time with your man gone so fully wrong that it turned out right! To actually appreciate this track, pay attention closely to the lyrics..sexy: It’s about a younger couple who accidentally trespassed onto property and of course they find yourself in the company of the police the place she decides to turn on her charm.it doesn’t work..and as her boyfriend sits in the back seat, watching her go-wild-youngster on the police, he’s falling deeply for her. By the time she will get in the car, it is over. He’s performed. He is in love with that wild factor.

‘By the point they let us go, I was already gone’ ..I fell in love in the back of a cop automotive.
4. God Love Her by Toby emma watson short hair styles Keith
God Love Her could be discovered on Toby Keith’s 2008 album, ‘That don’t Make Me a nasty Guy’.

It was co-written by himself and Vicky McGehee and released as the second single from that album in 2009. And yes, it hit number one on the billboard sizzling nation charts.

It is a typical tale isn’t it..the preacher’s daughter is not any angel! Remember the film Footloose ..same factor! Possibly it’s safer to have a nasty boy father..Dangerous boy father raises good lady daughter and like this music, good boy father raises bad woman daughter!

Again, it’s the video that makes this music..’Me and God Love Her’. She’s sure and determined to turn her father or mother’s hair three alternating shades of gray! Her internal wild girl is lengthy day out on this tune..as she hops on the back of his bike. Properly I know my dad would have pitched a match! But my dad grew up ‘a little bit bad boy’ (a little, hahaha) and look at me..his good woman daughter. Theory proved.

So how about you ..good boy father raises unhealthy girl daughter Be happy to tell your story within the feedback below.or another dangerous lady tale you want to share for that matter.

5. Fastest Girl in City by Miranda Lambert
You may find ‘Quickest Lady in Town’ on Miranda’s album ‘4 the Record’.

It was launched because the third single in June of 2012. The album has 14 unimaginable tracks on it. Quickest Girl in City was written by Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley. It peaked on the US Scorching Country Billboard at number 7.

She ropes him in with her lady-stuff and while he’s counting his chickens lengthy before they’re hatched, she and her pal ‘take’ his automotive. Sadly for him, despite a desperate automobile chase, it seems badly; he winds up in jail, whereas she are her buddy win the race and safely head for a beer.along with his automobile.

He ought to have guessed that she was the quickest lady in city .. in additional methods than one – I guess he was blinded by her beauty, tight pants and some other issues. She asks him for a mild and that my pals, was the beginning of the end for him. We know a quote solely too effectively that applies to this don’t we..’women rule boys drool’ 🙂

This applique that includes that well-known quote is all pretty and comfortable, however there isn’t any way that the Fastest Lady in City is mushy on this video! However Miranda could easily wear this one on her jeans for this video, as a result of after-all, that’s what this song is all about! Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

sendingDancing Cowgirl Design three years in the past from Texas
I ain’t tellin’. This page made me assume about an older song, your good women gonna go dangerous by Tammy Wynette. Hahahahah. Good instances in Texas.

@Margaret Schindel: Margaret lol !
Margaret Schindel 4 years in the past from Massachusetts

I am pleading the fifth, my friend! I mean, I Could tell you however then I might have to kill you, and I love you method a lot. So belief me, on this case discretion actually is the higher part of valor. 😉 This text is as much of a hoot as many of the songs, Barbara. I really like the whole lot about it!

@ecogranny: and it sounds like a ton of fun!
@Nancy Hardin: I enjoyed seeing this tribute to you, too, nancycarol, and after gettin’ my, er, espresso stirred with all this discuss wild kids, at my age, I must go cool off a bit. But what the heck, I already opened that first web page Brite-Ideas linked to about your own wild-child moments, so off I go for extra fun.

Kathryn Grace four years ago from San Francisco
Hmmm. Effectively, I am unable to tell the whole story but it surely includes a Harley, a one hundred ten diploma day, a meandering river, some tall grass, a few bushes and a pickup truck that determined perhaps that wasn’t the best spot to park simply then.

@David Stone1: David, a number of issues made me snort right here lol ! enjoyable and unhealthy vitality (I burst out laughing) and that xrated stories could have introduced me a little bit more site visitors *saucybadgirlsmile*

David Stone four years ago from New York City
What a rockin’ good lens, stuffed with enjoyable and dangerous power.

My personal wildest youngster second is X-rated and can’t be advised right here, however it relates to be so drunk I couldn’t see until it was too late. I by no means got that loaded once more. Effectively, maybe as soon as.

AuthorBarbara Tremblay Cipak 4 years in the past from Toronto, Canada
@Nancy Hardin: Nancy, you’ve been on a bike and I have not ..that right there says you know learn how to live slightly and a lot! oh by the way, even when we’re dangerous we’re still ladies..ask our significant others – apparently they like that aspect of us

Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 4 years in the past from Las Vegas, NV

Oh Barbara my good friend, my sweet! What a lovely factor to write about this outdated gal. To include me and a few of my writing in your lens..properly, it just about leaves me speechless and that i thank you a lot! What an excellent lens, too concerning the wild aspect of these of us who are at all times “ladies,” but not necessarily all the time “ladies!” Valuable, and thank you once more.

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