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Learn how to Care for African American Wigs
By Anne Clarke

Wash your wig after you could have worn it around 8-12 instances. In reality, although, you could possibly go longer without washing it, or you could have to wash it much sooner – this depends upon the humidity and the air quality. And, as an example, if you go to a smoke-y bar, you may want to scrub that smoke-odor out of your hair that night, even for those who washed it just a few days ago! Be your personal judge.
Use a towel to gently blot your wig dry – again, be gentle! Don’t wring out your wig!
Now add a conditioning spray.
Permit your wig to dry. You should use a Styrofoam head, however it could stretch out the cap. You may, as a substitute, choose to set your wig on high of one thing like a vase or a towel-lined hairspray bottle.
Don’t brush your wig except it’s totally dry.
Do not depart your wig out in direct sunlight to dry.
In case you decide to cut your wig, make sure that that you’re carrying it for one of the best outcomes.
When not carrying your wig, depart it on a wig stand in order that it may well keep its shape and never get tangled.
When touring, carry your wig in a wig box – you don’t want it to be flattened.
To clean your wig:

Use a cheap hair bundles with closure wig brush to brush by your wig.
Make certain to make use of a wig shampoo. It is vital that you don’t use common shampoo, it could possibly injury your wig.
Fill up a sink with cold or lukewarm water and add the wig shampoo (generally a couple of tablespoon… read the shampoo bottle for precise directions).
Place your wig in the water and gently swish it around – be gentle! Do this for a few minute.
Rinse your wig in cold running water until completely rinsed.

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