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My Cat Is Losing Hair. What Can I Do

Let’s face it: For those who personal a cat, you might as well purchase inventory in a lint roller company. Until your kitty is a Sphynx — a relatively hairless cat — it’s normal in your little fuzz ball to shed some hair around the home. (Some breeds can also inherit genes for hair loss, equivalent to Siamese cats, who often lose hair on their ears.)

However if your cat is dropping abnormal amounts of hair, or in case you discover patches of pores and skin devoid of hair, it’s time to go to your veterinarian.

Well being Situations That may Lead to Hair Loss
Even when there’s absolutely, positively no method that your cat may have fleas, certain patterns of hair loss — especially across the thighs, abdomen, decrease back and flanks — are typically caused by them. Many cats with infestations are such good groomers that they lick away any proof of the buggers. Different tiny external parasites, corresponding to mites and lice, can even cause hair loss.

Cats who’re allergic to their food or inhaled substances may expertise hair loss around the top and neck, in addition to different areas. The uncovered skin could appear relatively normal or it may present signs of a secondary bacterial infection, including inflammation or ulceration. Your veterinarian may advocate a trial with a hypoallergenic meals, as well as extra allergy assessments to get to the bottom of the problem.

Bacterial or fungal infections, an inflammation of the sebaceous glands, and even pores and skin cancer can also lead to hair loss in affected areas.

There are numerous elements that may also disrupt the traditional hair progress cycle, resulting in sudden hair loss, equivalent to metabolic or endocrine conditions, pregnancy and drug interactions.

Habits-Primarily based Hair Loss
Sudden modifications within the family — a brand new baby or pet and even building employees within the home — can result in stress and overgrooming. On this case, the pattern of hair loss tends to be symmetrical and occurs wherever that the cat can reach together with her tongue, including the belly, groin, limbs and flanks. If you find extra hairballs than traditional on the ground, it could also be a clue.

Diseases, equivalent to hyperthyroidism, can also result in overgrooming. And cats with diabetes often have unkempt coats, hair loss and a greater susceptibility to skin infections. Even inflammation in the urinary tract could trigger felines to lick the hair off burgundy weave hairstyles the pores and skin straight above the bladder.

With so many doable reasons for hair loss, it’s not always easy to find the exact cause of the issue. Your veterinarian might advocate diagnostic assessments, together with pores and skin scrapes, fungal cultures, blood panels, allergy testing, weight-reduction plan trials or pores and skin biopsies to find out the proper prognosis and remedy in your cat.

With correct remedy, your cat will as soon as once more have a full, luxurious coat usually. And you’ll still need to keep that lint roller useful.

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