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First Grade Fever! By Christie

Hey y’all it is time for the shenanigans to start! These tough little leprechauns can be visiting our classroom this week to inspire some foolish learning enjoyable! Every year on (or round) St. Patty’s day, a sneaky leprechaun visits our classroom leaving behind green footprints..

..some tasty treats and of course, a little bit of chaos! lol One in every of my favourite treats is LEPRECHAUN JUICE!

I just inform my students that the leprechaun left a yummy deal with for us, but after i begin reading the label, it says “For kids only-Adults do not drink!” Effectively this black and rainbow hair is unquestionably not ok with me!!!..teachers love snacks & treats too! So after all I am really gonna get dramatic with the kiddos and whine/complain that I actually want to drink some too. I tell the category that I believe I am going to just take a little bit sip. Surely that will not harm anything..proper ! understand I am gonna take a sip! black and rainbow hair lol And that i usually pretend to love it A lot that I take another Big gulp of it!!! Yum! and..nothing happens..for a few minutes anyway!!! Then I begin complaining about my toes starting to will get so bad that I have to take my shoes and socks off and uncover that my feet are beginning to turn inexperienced!!!! Ahhhhhh! Be prepared, the kiddos LOVE this and it really inspires some fabulous writing!!!

Examine Leprechaun Juice pack at my lil Tpt shop! {Click on Here} It includes recipe & labels for Leprechaun Juice, 6 writing prompts, craftivity pattern and instructions, a sentence building activity and a reproducible emergent reader.

Before College PREP:
Before college I rub my ft down with diluted green meals coloration..Don’t worry it does wash off after a day or so. There are several options if you are not too crazy about having inexperienced feet: a drop of green food color on your tongue to turn your mouth green, use washable marker or inexperienced Halloween make-up to turn your lips green, paint your hair green with green hairspray, etc.. You possibly can also use Wilson Green Color Mist. It is edible color spray used for cake decorating. I’ve found this on Amazon & Michael’s with the cake decorating stuff.

Cheers to all the teachers keen to turn green for their students! If you liked this short article and you would such as to receive additional facts relating to extensions kindly visit our website.!!
Hope you and your kiddos adore it!

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