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Highlights On Black Hair

Hey, I have black hair and that i need to know the best way to get light/dark brown highlights/streaks Which colour shade should I purchase

coco brown its nice!
I might go for darker tints. Lighter tints will make your hair appear to be a ridiculously groomed circus animal.

i bought black hair and i obtained highlites so every1 says my hair is off da chain its blonde streaks and some crimson and some brown its so beautiful i wish i culd show u

i believe pink highlights might be one of the best.
second selection could be gentle brown.

i have black hair and i have red highlight and they look great.
hope this helps :]

Get a lighter colour if your hair is actually dark because if you happen to simply get a brown it wont work. so try to get a blonder or a colour akin to that. I know this because after i did my buddies hair she purchased the flawed one and it did not present up in her hair which at that time was dark. Another cool idea is dyeing the tips could sound bizarre however its not.

You can’t lighten Black hair except it is virgin hair. You cannot cowl up died hair unless you’re going darker. You would have to strip your hair. It’ll greater than doubtless end up orange.

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100% Remy best styling tools for short hair Human Ombre Straight Hair Extensions 12"-24" Two Tone #1B/27 Black To Blonde Ombre 100gFor best styling tools for short hair those who already dyed it with a blonde and it’s orange you might have 2 is to discover a coloration that matches your’s and scrap the whole thing, the other is to get a SEMI- perminant color in the shade of medium neutral brown, and aply on the orange peices, it is going to tone it to a fairly golden brown. Semi perminant is imprtant as a result of it wont raise any of the hair you didnt put the blonde on. GOOD LUCK!

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