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The Nuts Are Damaged Manually

The Argan (Argania spinosa) tree is an unusual thorny tree nearly exclusively native to the geographical area of south west Morocco, making the oil produced from its seeds one of the rarest in the world. part Rising in the arid climate of that area, belle wigs its fruits take up to 1 12 months to ripen. Consisting of a thin fleshy hard-to-peel exterior surrounding an inside nut containing up to three large seeds, it’s these seeds which can be rich in important fatty acids, tocopherols, phytosterols and triterpene alcohols.

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Historically, Argan oil is manufactured by Moroccan women in a small laborious artisanal course of. Having collected and dried the fruits within the sun, the flesh is peeled off and used as cattle feed. The nuts are damaged manually, roasted, crushed and ground into a paste with cold water. Scorching water is then added and the belle wigs oil involves the surface the place it is skimmed. After standing some time the pure oil is then decanted. Estimates are that every liter of Argan oil produced requires 10 hours of work and one hundred kg of contemporary fruit are needed to supply a scant two liters of this rare oil.

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