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The Timeless Gypsy Shag

Nothing might be more timeless than the long Gypsy Shag. Both sexes must known bald spot wig to wear the Shag haircut for a few many years. The Shag gained its reputation in the 1970’s, when Jane Fonda wore a shag haircut in the movie Klute. Farah Fawcett wore the memorable long Gypsy Shag on the “Charlie’s Angels” tv sequence. You might say that the Shag is probably the preferred haircut of the 70’s decade.

Now days, you can put on a Shag with or without bangs. Or you can choose to wear long side-swept bangs that blend into layers. The Shag might be worn in several lengths; quick, medium or lengthy. The quick and medium size Shags are the simplest to type and maintain.

The quick Shag is basically what Jane Fonda wore in Klute, with the ends barely touching the shoulders. The layers are graduated from the bottom up to mix in with the bangs. The quick Shag is finest suited to medium to thick hair varieties, as a result of it removes quite a lot of bulk and weight. It’s not suggest for fine straight hair, however it is alright for wonderful, wavy hair.

The medium and lengthy size Shag is the one usually called, “The Gypsy Shag”. It has really been making a comeback in latest extensions times. The Gypsy Shag is often shoulder size and longer, with the layering only some inches from the underside. The sides are tapered from the fringe area to blend in with the underside layers. It may be worn with or with out bangs, but traditionally the Gypsy Shag has bangs. This reduce is takes on a Bohemian quality with wavy hair types or hair that may be scrunched to look wavy.

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The Gypsy Shag is especially hanging at this time, with shade therapies similar to highlighting, lowlighting or the dark underscore. But, remember that coloration-treated hair needs special care and frequent trimming to keep it wholesome. Special care means using only products which might be formulated for shade-treated hair and protecting it when you’re in the sun. The Gypsy Shag does need to be trimmed every 2-3 months to keep your ends fresh and defined.

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