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This is cute, right It’s best to have seen it 5 minutes later. It lasted precisely 1 minute, then she completely dismantled it, color-bugged out, and then gave herself a spray bottle shower. I used to be busy with a client and felt powerless as she dripped purple water off of her face all around the ground. This, I remind myself once again, is why I shouldn’t carry my children to work with me.

I do it each from time to time, with this imaginative and prescient of little helper-ladies, serving tea, passing out cards, and charming people by telling them how good their hair looks. What often happens is that a colorful mess back curly hair is made someplace, she gets hungry, she wants to take a seat in a purchasers lap for a story whereas they are getting their hair completed.

I know it is tough to say ‘no’ to a cute little girl, however generally I want extra people in addition to me would. My oldest daughter responds well to ‘no.’ But if you don’t tell her no, she is going to push every restrict there is. Typically youngsters need to hear no.

Anyhow, I will keep attempting till the day that each my daughters are previous and composed sufficient to be my shop helpers. Until then, I’ll play with their hair (when they need me to) I attempt not to push it on them. This particular day, I had beehives on my thoughts, and Marley was pleased to let me experiment, as long as I didn’t get too connected to the hairstyle (By no means a good idea) as a result of often after i do her hair, her will trumps my will and she ends up re-doing it to her personal liking.

Such was the case yesterday (Halloween day) I gave her a cute beehive, and put some orange color-bug in her bangs. Then, she redid it herself. I had to fully hose her all the way down to carry her home, because Grandma was visiting and we didn’t want to scare her.

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She ended up dressing up like a spooky witch that evening, with a black hat and lengthy fingers that we made out of construction paper. I used the remainder of the weave from my long faux braids for her creepy witch hair. We trick or treated down the hill and by the tasks, which was lively and fun.

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